Normally I greatly dislike when celebrities attempt to meddle in development and aid. They often know very little about what they’re getting involved in and end up doing more harm than good (like Jessica Simpson’s project to send shoes to Haiti, which is not helpful).

But George Clooney’s idea to use private satellites to keep a close eye on the activity in Sudan as the country votes for a possible North-South split strikes me as a) somewhat hilarious and ridiculous, and b) actually pretty good.

Clooney jokes by saying, “We want them to enjoy the level of celebrity attention that I usually get.” But in doing so, it’ll be much harder for any party to fabricate events in case the outcome is disputed (as often happens when any African country goes to the polls). Read the full article here.

This is the first time I’ve seen an example of celebrity aid that a) uses knowledge/experience from an area that the celebrity actually knows something about (aka being in the spotlight) and b) could actually have a positive impact. Bono, please take a lesson from George Clooney.