(Note: This is the nerdiest post I’ve had… ever. If you are not a nerd and an engineer, you might want to do a bit of background reading here first.)

If someone tells you that they’re going to “SolidWorks World,” where do you think they’re going? To a 3-day workshop on computer-aided design in Texas? Nope. Try again.

Probably to an amusement park. One based on SolidWorks, of course. Here are some examples of the rides:

1. The Revolve: This one involves lots of spinning and is probably pretty fun.

2. The Smart Dimension: I’m not really sure what this one does. It sounds boring.

3. The Cut Extrude: This one just sounds painful.

Is it bad that I now want to draw out a comic strip depicting SolidWorks World?

(This could totally be a roller coast. I’ll call it Spiral. Image from here.)