I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging. But I got caught up in the craziness that is my life whenever I return to the US. In the past month I’ve been in Colorado, New York, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. This week it’s Ohio, North Carolina, and DC. I’ve barely had enough time to make it to all these places, let alone reflect on anything or take pictures (which where this blog comes in).

But that’s also because I haven’t made time for such things. I’ve noticed that I take better care of myself outside of the US than I do in it. I sleep, I cook, I read and write, I exercise, I focus on conversations, I enjoy my surroundings, I breathe deeper. My biggest struggle whenever I return to the US is to maintain this lifestyle. This time, like all other times, I have failed miserably. And I’m out to fix that right now (despite my upcoming schedule).

So here’s to allowing myself personal time no matter where in the world I am.

(Photo: Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 2009.)