Very, very rarely do we see a failed development project (of which there are many) appear in the worldwide media. Failed development projects are covered up, hidden from the public eye, especially the eyes of potential donors.

But that may finally be changing.

My friend Owen has, among many others, been criticizing PlayPumps for quite some time now (you can read his thoughts/observations here, here, here, and here). Unfortunately, he’s been preaching to the choir a bit – I doubt that the people who read his blog (and mine, for that matter) are the ones who need to see his photos and videos.

But all the PlayPumps criticism has finally provoked a mainstream media response. It is, as far as I’ve seen in the recent media, the first of it’s kind. Check out Frontline’s full story on the PlayPlumps here (preview below).

Also, as part of the story, Frontline has posted a UNICEF report on PlayPumps that was covered up a few years ago yet was circulating among development workers (myself included). I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get this on the internet for a couple months now. I’m glad that someone finally put it out in the public sphere.