At some point in the past year, one of my friends got a hold of my phone when I wasn’t looking, went into the applications, and wrote me a memo. He or she saved the memo without signing it, and replaced my phone, without me noticing.

I had never used the memos applications on my phone until a couple weeks ago when I didn’t have a pen and paper and needed to write something down. I found the memo. Since then, I’ve been thinking through all the possibilities of who wrote the memo based on word choice, phrasing, etc. I thought I figured out who it was; turns out I was wrong. Now my curiosity has gotten the best of me, and so this post has one purpose:

Did you write me a memo in my phone over the past year? (There was only one memo saved, so if you wrote me one then you wrote me this one.) If so, who are you?

Whoever wrote the memo is probably snickering right now, because he or she knows that this will be on my mind until I solve the mystery. Thank you, memo writer. It was a nice note. Don’t ruin it.

(Photo: Flickr, unloveablesteve)