On one of my recent posts, two of my friends commented that I’ve spent an awful lot of time bashing and criticizing current aid practices without offering any positive examples or solutions. They make an incredibly valid point. I’ve seen a lot of amazing and inspiring projects over here, and yet most of my recent posts have focused on the ones that have failed. That needs to change.

I personally believe that we learn more from our failures than from our successes, but that does not mean we don’t need to ever look at the success stories. After all, it’s the successes that keep us motivated and thinking positively.

So, in response to these comments, this next week will be “Doing It Right” week, dedicated solely to solution-oriented posts. Every day I’ll post an example of an organization that may not do everything perfectly, but is certainly making a positive and long-lasting difference (from what I’ve seen/heard at least).

These posts will of course not touch on all the effective organizations and development models out there, so please feel free to comment with any additional insight that you may have. And if you have direct experience with an organization that you want to see me post on, then by all means share (via email, comments, etc.) and I’ll get it up here!