The US Census is a snapshot of the nation taken every 10 years. It’s a pretty influential event (affecting electoral college seats, for example), and the data will stay with us for quite some time. As such, the US Census Bureau is issuing a call to action for every resident to “be counted in 2010.”

My mom received a 2010 Census form a couple days ago. It says specifically not to include children away at college or in the armed forces. But I’m not in college or the army. I’m not living at home, but I use my mom’s address as my permanent address. I’m still a resident of the United States; I don’t have a temporary residency permit anywhere else. And I’ll be back in June.

My mom called the Census help line to ask about my status. The woman on the phone had to go to ask her manager because I’m an unusual case. I guess they don’t get called about long-term travelers very often.

The end result: If I’m not physically in the US on April 1, 2010, then I don’t count. And thus I won’t count for the next 10 years.

(Image from 2010 US Census website)