Today I returned from a field visit to a friend’s Peace Corps site near Mwansambo, a tiny village located a on dirt road halfway up a mountain and halfway between two of Malawi’s major paved roads.

In my friend’s village, there is a secondary school.

In this secondary school, there is a store room.

In this store room, there is a stack of untouched computers, donated to the school by the World Bank in 2002.

My friend asked teachers why the computers haven’t been touched. The response:

“Our people should not be exposed to such technologies.”


(This is one of the only posts I’ve done without a picture. I wanted a picture of the store room or of the computers. Unfortunately, my friend couldn’t bring me to site. He was chased out of the school by a teacher waving a Bible at him and screaming that he had “ruined the minds” of the children by building a library and was never allowed back there.)