Yesterday evening, my friend and I locked ourselves outside of our house.

My friend has three other roommates with keys. One was in London. One was in a small town in northern Belgium. One was supposed to be home. We called the third one but her phone was off.

She was either in Brussels at work or asleep in her room, and we didn’t know which one. We rang the doorbell several times, but the only people we woke up were the neighbors. They let us into their backyard and I proceeded to climb over the backyard wall to try our luck with the back door. Locked. So I climbed on the roof and tried the bathroom window. Also locked. I found our roommate’s bedroom window and started knocking on it and calling her name.

That elicited a response. The security officer from the building next door started shouting and shining his flash light at the building. Luckily, he was looking at his building and didn’t find me crouched on the roof our house next door, appearing as if I was attempting to break in.

Turns out our roommate wasn’t home. We slept on my friend’s sister’s floor instead, and ended up getting back into our house (via the front door) when she returned after 3am.

Even when I’m supposed to be staying in one place, I still end up finding ways to sleep in a different location almost every other night.