Kenyans call them matatus, but Tanzanians know them as dolla dollas (maybe correctly written as dollar dollars, but no one pronounces the “r” here anyways).

Given the name change, one would assume that dolla dollas will rip you off. On the contrary, the Arusha dolla dolla system is rather impressive. Every dolla dolla is the same style vehicle. They all have a color coded stripe painted on the outside to indicate the route, and the final destination written on the front. The roof is higher than your average mini van roof, making the ride a bit more spacious when they pack people inside. Prices are fixed rather than changing randomly with the time of day, traffic conditions, weather conditions, etc. Every taut so far has given me an honest price and the correct change. My first impression was that the Tanzanian dolla dollas have their act together much more than the Kenyan matatus.

Yet something is not quite right with this picture.

IMG_2865 (2)

Addendum: I recently learned that dolla dolla is actually written as dala dala.