I have two pots and one stove. I get my food from local shops and vegetable stands. Given my materials, I cook three basic dishes.

IMG_2761 (2)

1. Ugali with sauce. Ugali is the staple food in eastern Africa. It is made by boiling ground maize and turning vigorously with a wooden spoon until smooth.

IMG_2815 (2)

2. Chapati with sauce. Chapati came to eastern Africa from India. It goes well with curries, beans and guacamole, or simply by itself. I know how to make chapati, but it can’t be done in a pot. This chapati was bought from a woman who lives down the street. The sauces, however, can be made in a pot.

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3. Pasta with sauce. Sometimes I crave non-African food, so I buy pasta and make my own tomato sauce. It usually does the trick, and I go back to African food the next evening.

Rice didn’t make the cut. I get rice every day for lunch at work, and that’s more than enough for me.

You may notice that all of my dishes are vegetarian. Just to clear up any confusion, I have dreads, I am lactose intolerant, but I am not vegetarian. I often eat vegetarian (or vegan, because of the lactose issues) but I enjoy a good cut of meat when it’s available. Unfortunately, the only option here is over-boiled beef, so I load up on fish instead.

I am currently in the market to expand my sauces. I know how to make most eastern African sauces, Daniel recently gave me a hummus recipe. Do you have a suggestion for what I can make with my two pots?