I have spent much of this first week in Tanzania figuring out exactly what I want to do with the rest of my time here. This includes compiling a list of potential projects. The more I can find, the busier I will be.

IMG_2816 (2)

This is a maize (aka corn) grinder. It was produced in Mexico, and is successful there.

IMG_2817 (2)

My friend Jodie is currently working in Arusha to start a company called Global Cycle Solutions. She is selling a bicycle-powered maize sheller attachment that was first developed by Maya Pedal in Guatemala. She wants to start producing a grinder attachment, too.

Grinders in eastern Africa need to turn maize into a fine powder called unga. This unga is used to make the staple food here – ugali. Currently the grinder produces a lumpy, rough powder that is good enough for Mexico, but not for eastern Africa.

IMG_2834 (2)

Project #1: Design a bicycled-powered grinder attachment that produces ugali unga.