After months of sleeping on couches and floors, of sharing beds, of constantly packing and repacking my pack, I finally have a room to myself.

IMG_2690 (2)

Two rooms, actually. Both empty, and both much bigger than the amount of space I could fill with the contents of my pack.

IMG_2684 (2)

Last night, I redecorated. I don’t have a bed, so I am sleeping on an air mattress. I don’t have a mosquito net, so I am sleeping in my tent. I don’t have curtains, so I hung up my tent’s rain fly and an old contractor bag.

IMG_2694 (2)

I don’t have a kitchen, so I bought a stove and water heater. A co-worker was nice enough to lend me some plates, pots, silverware, and buckets. My neighbors in my compound gave me three small stools.

IMG_2703 (2)

It’s not much, but it is my own (for the next two months). For the tired traveler, it is a welcome sight.