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This is the age of technology. We have machines to compute our numbers, to type our papers, to transport us. We have machines to assemble our machines.

And now we have wireless devices that take orders at restaurants. We have eliminated the need for a waiter to tell the cooks what to make, or to even enter order information into a computer. Soon, we won’t even need a waiter, just like self service check-outs at supermarkets. The more machines can do, the less we have to do, and the more time we can spend on other things. Time. Efficiency. These are the challenges engineers face in the modern world.

Machines are getting faster, smaller, sexier. They are undeniably woven into daily life. A necessity, even. My generation cannot imagine being unfamiliar with computers, for example. We take our skills for granted. We expect technological advancement, and we freak out when our mysterious black box devices don’t work as they should. Sometimes this dependence scares me. Other times, I am impressed by how efficiently things can function in this age.

With restaurants going wireless, what’s next?

Flight of the Concords have always helped me shed some light on this issue: