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Appropriate Projects is a new initiative from Water Charity that provides funding for Peace Corps Volunteer water and sanitation projects that are less than $500.

Where many donation websites seem to do it wrong, Appropriate Projects seems to do it right.

Partner with a project implementer who has a more long-term relationship with the community? Check.

Identify the project locally? Check.

Use appropriate technology? Check.

Fund small-scale projects with an exit strategy? Check

The initiative also encourages the Peace Corps and PCVs to start focusing a bit more on appropriate technology. My friends in Peace Corps Kenya said that training on these issues was lacking or even non-existent, leaving the volunteers with no knowledge on how to handle or find information on small-scale technological solutions to problems they encounter every day. Hopefully Appropriate Projects will provide PCVs with resources and encourage such training. If anything, it’s a step in the right direction.

(Photo: Ziway, Ethiopia, 2009)