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Dancing is art. It is entertainment. It is a sport. It is a form of communication. It is an expression.

I love any and all forms of dancing. The beauty of the whirling dervishes, whether their spinning is for touristy or spiritual purposes (I’ve witnessed both). The strength of break dancing. The passion of salsa. The energy of African dancing.

I especially love ridiculous dancing. I collect random dances, such as dances to Thriller, Bye Bye Bye, 99 Red Balloons, Single Ladies, Beat It, Just Dance, all of Hairspray, the list goes on. I’m always surprised by how often they come in handy.

I performed in a pan-African drum and dance ensemble in college, and I’m excited to get back into African dancing when I return to the continent in October. I think my next style, though, will be swing dancing. I ultimately want to have a dance to this song, which is an awesome fusion of hip hop and jazz performed by the Swedish group Movits! Check them out: