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Camp Winnebago. Established 1919. This year is the camp’s 90th anniversary, and the current head counselor’s final summer. And, this is the reason I returned to the States for the summer.

My recent posts have been few and far between recently because I’ve been immersed in SALT (aka orientation) at camp. Today, the boys arrive. They are 9 to 15 years old, and they will be here for the 8 weeks. I can’t wait.

Many ask why I returned, why I made the trek all the way from Africa to Maine. The answer is simple: Camp embodies many of my values in life. It’s laid back and non-competitive, yet you are encouraged to always try your hardest. The people are supportive no matter what the outcome of the game or event. It’s a place where you can make a fool out of yourself in public and receive a standing ovation. It’s a safe environment for campers and counselors alike to push their comfort zones. Being here reminds me of what I missed while I was gone.

I love being able to be ridiculous again. I would often avoid drawing excessive attention to myself in Africa because I already received enough attention, but I can go over the top here with dances and skits and costumes. I enjoy how camp makes me live in the moment. At the same time, I struggle to maintain my thoughts and discussions on development and appropriate technology. This distance is rather difficult for me, and I plan on doing some reading to keep my thoughts fresh.

Yet I keep reminding myself that sometimes it can be good to let my mind wander for a bit.