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They never once looked at each other. Neither noticed my camera as I snapped a quick photo.

Today in Western culture, children are brought up to talk to machines, not people. They learn to play video games, not play games with their peers. They text more than they talk. They even know that you can sign up for sites such as and meet potential partners without leaving the comfort of your computer chair.

But something seems lost to me. What happened to good old face-to-face interactions and why are they being replaced? I often feel like people have lost the ability to listen and to appreciate good conversations. They have stopped noticing their surroundings, even the person next to them, because they’re too absorbed in their own world. They can only read short status updates before they lose focus. They are distracted from real conversations, real emotions, real people. But no one seems to notice, and even fewer people seem to care. They don’t have time for any of those things, anyways.

Technology may help connect people who are half a world away, but it also disconnects people from others right around them.