Goodbye, Nairobi. I am incredibly sad to be leaving, because I have really taken a liking to you. Alas, my two months are up and I must be moving on.

But no trip to the infamous city can be complete without riots and gunshots, and I got exactly that as my farewell present.

Yesterday, there were more police in town than usual. I found it a bit strange but gave it no more thought than that. In the afternoon, I went out to eat with my friend Oscar. After eating, we walked towards the matatus so I could go pick up my pack and head to the airport. Oscar started sneezing quite often, and shrugged it off saying that it was the Ethiopian-spiced sandwich he had just eaten.

It was not the spicy sandwich. It was teargas. Soon enough everyone was sneezing and coughing. Just before we reached the matatus, a gunshot rang out from close by. The crowd of people we were following immediately turned around, heading away from the riot. I turned, too. This is not a bad horror movie, and I was not about to walk in the direction from which everyone was running. Oscar, on the other hand, should audition for a bad horror movie – he tried to drag me towards the gunshots because he wanted a better look at the action. I’m pretty crazy, but Oscar is apparently crazier. Well, I’m glad I refused and we got swept up in the retreating crowd, because apparently a woman was shot. Check out a news article here.

IMG_1353 (2)

Despite these events, I still stand by my opinion that in general I feel very safe in Nairobi. As long as you run away from gunshots and not towards them, of course.