A group of retired women have dedicated their afternoons to weaving baskets and making jewelry from garbage. Their completed works don’t even remotely resemble their raw materials.

To start, simply collect flimsy plastic bags that accumulate in households or on the streets. Clean the bags and cut them into strips.


The weaving process is simple. Wrap one plastic strip around one sisal fiber support.


Twist the plastics.


Wrap around another sisal fiber support.


Wash, rinse, and repeat.


Most plastics recycling requires high energy inputs and technical equipment. Along with this comes a power requirement, and a need to purchase and maintain the machines. The beauty of the Basket Weavers’ process is that it requires no heat, no fancy machinery, no extra processing. It’s simple. It’s transparent. It’s cheap. It can be produced and marketed at the community level, to both locals and tourists alike. And with a little creativity, you can weave almost anything.